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• About Susan •

"I truly enjoy the stubborn itch inside my soul that makes me try to capture the beauty of nature around us. Life is a smorgasborg, enjoy!"


Susan's love for art and sharing that love started as a very young child when she would round up the neighborhood kids for arts and crafts.

Today, the art classes in watercolor painting, drawing, cartooning and paper mache she teaches through the extension and community college courses and her workshops at Snow Goose Studio are just as well received and attended.

Her love of Mother Nature takes her on many road trips on which to broaden her artistic horizons. One of her favorite places is Yosemite which has been the subject of several of her watercolor paintings. She also enjoys the coast, but will usually see a watercolor painting in almost anything Mother Nature has to offer including in her own backyard.

A native Californian, Susan has been a resident of Nevada City, California for nearly 30 years. While in college, she majored in art, of course.

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Paper Mache Magic
Paper mache masks
Working with wire, paper, paint and imagination, Susan creates small and large paper mache creations. Always different, sometimes odd but always fun.

Watercolor & Nature
Pohono Bridge
Susan's love of Mother Nature takes her on many road trips in search of subjects to paint.

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