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Susan enjoys working bigger than life and to an almost extreme exaggeration. It's no surprise that one of her favorite days of the year is Halloween.

Papier Mache

For almost 25 years, Susan has been creating characters out of paper and her imagination. Sometimes the three dimensional artwork (see puppet heads) is for a specific project such as a convention. Other times, it's as a workshop project creating halloween masks (see ghoulish masks). Sometimes, it's just for the fun of it.

Paper mached Large flowers

Sue gets her inspiration from many places. She collects books from such authors as Daniel Reed who does 'The Basic Screamer'. But oftentimes, it's from her imagination that the most outrageous creations are born. A walk through Snow Goose Studio is a walk among paper and painted monster heads and exaggerated faces, and paper mached sculpture in various stages of completion on the walls and counters.

Paper mache at convention

If you have an event that calls for something different, this may it! Susan has worked on several large themed conventions and shows in which she created signage, wall decorations as well as paper mached parts. To inquire about the possibilities, email or call Susan (530) 265-6076.

The paper mached beginning
In the Works
It starts with paper, masking tape and an idea.

Paper mached large heads
Finished Puppet Heads
The final product then goes to the show to be assembled

Scary to wild paper mache
From the Scary to the Wild
These range from masks to puppet heads.

Susan also has paper mache workshops and teaches classes.Check out the current calendar and description of workshops.

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